New product coming soon!

We have a new special product coming to our shop soon, and I am beyond excited! I have been working hard to find locally sourced ingredients for it from all over the state of Maine. It will be available for you to purchase year round, and your skin will love you for it! Stay tuned!



Hi Farm Friends! 

Our turkeys are here and ready for your fryer! Delicious farm fresh turkey raised on sun, grass and love the way it should be! Our customers LOVE the rich turkey flavor. Pick up at our small farm in Waterville. Whole turkeys available. Thanks to our amazingly supportive local customers our half turkeys have already sold out! 
$4.50 per pound this year. 
Place your order on our site, and choose the pick up option for yours soon! Feel free to call or text us with any questions! 207-320-9520