About Us

  Hi There, thanks for checking out our website! 

     We own and run a small farm in Waterville, Maine. Our youngest children have food, environmental allergies, and asthma. We have come up with many creative ways to navigate these obstacles over the past 9 years. This is kind of how we began! Going back to the basics as much as possible, slowly growing some of our own food, making more products we use and so on. Which has led us to amazing things! 

     We make and grow everything our business has to offer including agricultural/farm equipment, tallow skin care products, lamb & poultry meats, and organically grown garlic. The kids help with everything, everyone has their daily chores and we also attend 2 local farmers markets each week. 


    Why tallow? ...... Tallow is the oil extracted from suet (fat). It has proven to be an excellent moisturizer, and contains many helpful vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin. We chose to use tallow in our body products not only because of it's many awesome benefits, it's also simple and natural and no one in our house was allergic to it. It's also much more compatible with human skin than plant oils. With a background in the medical field and cosmetology, I was familiar with formulation and took off with it! 

    Our best sellers of our agricultural equipment including our bale feeders, and our livestock stands. These are items that we have refined, and found the most useful on our small farm that we are able to make, and we are eager to share the cost saving on this equipment versus buying commercially. However, we are happy to custom make whatever equipment your farm might need, from a horse balance beam, to the spacing on our round hay feed slats to perfectly fit your animals needs. We also make a handful of other items including custom farmhouse tables and harvest baskets. Every piece is handcrafted by us, and made to last. 

       Food products are especially important to us, two of our children have very serious food allergies, and skin sensitivities. Over time we have come up with creative ways to add flavor, and alternatives for common dishes. Most everything is made from scratch. In our shop we offer some of our very best original spice blends, organically grown garlic and garlic scapes. We raise our own free range poultry along with our grass fed lamb, and continually share our excellent recipes with our email subscribers!